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Effective October 15, 2018, the process and forms to submit requests to add new equipment to the Energy Commission's Lists of Eligible Equipment changed. All requests must be submitted directly to the Energy Commission at and must use the new forms available on this website. These new forms and a description of the process for submitting requests on the Go Solar California website are available by selecting the specific PV technology (PV Modules, Other Solar Electric Generating Technologies, Inverters, Meters) listed on this page below.

Please note that the Energy Commission's equipment list updates are typically completed twice a month, on the 1st business day of the month and the 15th of the month or the following business day.

All inquiries regarding the Energy Commission's Lists of Eligible Equipment must be submitted directly to the Energy Commission at

Lists of Eligible Equipment

All solar energy systems receiving ratepayer-based incentives in California must utilize equipment listed on these pages and maintained by the Energy Commission. With the enactment of Senate Bill 1 (Murray) in 2006, the Energy Commission was directed to establish eligibility criteria, conditions for incentives, and rating standards for projects applying for ratepayer-funded incentives for solar energy systems. The Eligible Equipment Lists cover PV modules, inverters (including smart inverters beginning in September 2017), meters and related equipment. Please note that equipment on the Energy Commission's lists have undergone tests to achieve minimal safety and performance standards. The Energy Commission and the State of California make no claim or warranty on the equipment and its safety, performance or durability. Anyone considering installing solar energy systems are encouraged to conduct their own research.

Equipment Lists, Eligibility, and Equipment Addition or Revision to the List:

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