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Local Government Information

NHSP Local Government Toolkit

Welcome to the California Energy Commission New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) Local Government Resources and Support website section. This section provides local government officials with a variety of useful tools and resources to help local governments encourage the development of energy efficient homes.

The NSHP's "Step-by-Step Guide for
Local Governments to Go Solar"

The Step-by-Step Guide for Local Governments to Go Solar is a "tool-kit" prepared for California cities and counties interested in encouraging energy efficient homes in their communities. It contains a variety of resources such as specific options for local government action, information about new legislation that helps local government finance solar energy installations and case studies from cities around the state.

Download Step-by-Step Guide for Local Governments to Go Solar
(PDF file, 39 pages, 3.6 megabytes)

Model Ordinances & Resolutions

The Step-by-Step Guide for Local Governments to Go Solar includes model ordinances and model resolutions that local governments can use to develop local programs that encourage community adoption of energy efficient technologies. The documents (available below) are presented in a modifiable format, allowing cities to modify the language, reformat the materials, address policy goals to suit local needs and requirements.

NSHP's Education and Outreach Materials

Education and outreach programs can be effective tools for local governments to encourage home owners and builders to install solar energy on new homes. The Step-by-Step Guide for Local Governments to Go Solar provides some examples of outreach materials that can help local governments undertake successful education and outreach efforts. These materials (outlined below) are available for download:

Additional Resources

The web links below lead to useful resources developed to help support local governments' efforts to encourage solar energy and green building.