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Short Name: Coast Guard 1 MW Array
Description: In March 2009 SilRay was awarded a contract to design, finance, build, and maintain a 1-MW solar array at the US Coast Guard training facility in Petaluma, CA. The facility was part of the Coast Guard’s continuing effort to green their operations under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and represented the first Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in US Coast Guard history. The 5,230-panel array covering 4 acres of land was completed in October 2009, two months ahead of schedule. SilRay personally designed, financed, and constructed the project. The Coast Guard paid no money up-front and assumed no liability from the panels. A 25-year PPA between the Coast Guard and SilRay allows the Coast Guard to only pay for the power that is actually produced, leading to a win-win situation for both Silray and the Coast Guard. The solar array is estimated to save the US Coast Guard $1.5 million over it’s lifetime, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than two million pounds of CO2 each year. The system, combined with other smaller solar installations, has enabled the Coast Guard to meet almost all of its daily electrical demand and 60% of peak demand with clean, renewable energy.
County:Sonoma County
ZIP Code:94952
System information
Title for the Installation:US Coast Guard Two Rock Soalr Array
Type of System: Solar Photovoltaic/PV: Yes
Solar Water Heating: No
Wind Turbine: No
Location Type: Residential: No
Commercial: No
Other: Yes
Installed Capacity:
(PV/Wind System in Kilowatts)
1000 kW
(PV modules/panels or Wind Tirbine)
Silray, Inc.
Model Number:
(PV modules/panels or Wind Tirbine)
Inverter Manufacturer:SMA
Inverter Model Number:250U
Date installation completed:10/09
Total cost of system:$
System Funding
Was the solar project funded by California Solar Initiative? Yes
Was the solar project funded by New Solar homes Partnership?No
Was the wind project funded by Emerging Renewables Program?    No
Installer Information
Company Name:Silray, Inc.
Contact Name:Heather Benz
City:Palo Alto, CA
Image Information
Date Photograph Taken:10/24/2009
Camera Used:
Images Tags:Coast Guard, PV, Commercial, 1 MW, Array, photovoltaic