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Full Size Picture and Descriptions - 320 X 240
7 inverters on equipment rack
Short Name: inverter rack
Description: 7 inverters on equipment rack
ZIP Code:93230
System information
Title for the Installation:inverter rack
Type of System: Solar Photovoltaic/PV: Yes
Solar Water Heating: No
Wind Turbine: No
Location Type: Residential: Yes
Commercial: No
Other: No
Installed Capacity:
(PV/Wind System in Kilowatts)
29 KW
(PV modules/panels or Wind Turbine)
Model Number:
(PV modules/panels or Wind Turbine)
Inverter Manufacturer:
Inverter Model Number:
Date installation completed:04/15/10
Total cost of system:$
System Funding
Was the solar project funded by California Solar Initiative? No
Was the solar project funded by New Solar homes Partnership?No
Was the wind project funded by Emerging Renewables Program?    No
Installer Information
Company Name:Renewable solar Energy
Contact Name:
Image Information
Date Photograph Taken:04/01/10
Camera Used:
Images Tags: